Another George...

I am totally crazy about is George Clooney. Did you know he is from Kentucky? That's right! A southern gentleman, he is. From his voice, to his style, to his mannerisms. Sigh. I could watch Clooney all night.

Last night Brett and I saw the movie Michael Clayton after an evening of shopping and dining at Nordstrom's Cafe, where I believe I converted another soul to the Cafe fan club. I can't get enough of the grilled chicken and strawberry salad. It is amazing!

I also believe I found a skirt for Desiree's wedding. This is not the first evening I have enlisted Brett's help. He has been so patient with me; waiting as I shopped, offering advice. He's the best home teacher ever, even when he threatens to throw me out of his moving vehicle or tells me he's buying a gun to keep me from visiting his home or makes me walk home from the metro. I always appreciate spending time with Brett.

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