I Know the Artist's Parents

Saturday evening Corey and I had dinner with my Uncle Jerry, who is the best Uncle in the entire universe. After dinner we walked Jerry to his place and chatted a bit. While there, Jerry showed us photos of this artwork and guess what? I know the artist's parents. I house-sat for Steve and Susan two years straight. Steve, the artist's father, took photos while attending Burning Man.
Jerry had this terrific coffee table book with photos of 2007's events. Although I spent a week in a nudist colony even I felt a little violated as each page displayed a new set of testicles or breasts; sometimes there were several on a page. Yikes! My virgin eyes.
Although the probability that I will attend Burning Man are slim to none, I appreciate the artwork, and especially my connection to this artist. Life is good.

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Sherpa said...

I want to attend Burning Man one of these years.

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