Although I love Elevation Burger, thanks to Rhonda, I have found a new favorite lunch venue. Valentino's in Alexandria is amazing! They have the best bbq chicken pizza I have ever had in my entire life. Hands-down! Why is it the best? Because it doesn't have onions on it and the bbq sauce is quality. Not only that one slice is sufficient. I am so in love with this place I can't wait to take Steph and Rina the next time they are in town. You guys will love it!
Not only is the food terrific but the wait staff is so cool. The Bono look-alike took our order. I love his glasses and that he allowed us to take his photo. I seriously couldn't stop singing Angel of Harlem, one of my favorites.

You may recognize this lovely lady from previous posts. Ms. Ashley decided to borrow my camera and take some photos on our ride back to the office. Even with her nose scrunched she is a total hottie. I would die to be as photogenic as this chicken. Bgawk.

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