I have always been attracted to two types of men--A) those with dark hair and blues eyes, i.e. Chris O'Donnell or B) French blondes; blonde hair and brown eyes. Ladies meet the latter.
Although he's had roles in movies like The Good Shepherd and Behind Enemy Lines, my first introduction to Gabriel Macht occurred last night via Because I Said So.
Gabriel played opposite Mandy Moore (Millie Wilder) as one of two love interests. The other love interest had dark hair, blue eyes and was an architect. Does it get any better? Yes, actually. I left the movie feeling a little like Johnny, Gabriel's character, prior to his decision to take Millie back; betrayed. Save, Gabriel and Diane Keaton, the movie was not worth the eleven bucks I shelled out for it. But, as Tara said, "The company was good and that made it worth it." I couldn't agree more.
I sincerely hope 2007 will bring more movies with Gabriel Macht our way. In the meantime, I will softly hum the tune Bring Me An Angel, because if angels look as good as this man--whew, no wonder they call it heaven.

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Stephanie said...


Bunny said...

I usually hate these types of movies, but I actually liked it. I can't believe you didn't!

Tara said...

the only redeeming value in that movie!

also, like the new look. ironically, i almost used it myself a couple of weeks ago.

great minds...:)

Bunny said...

Okay, so every time I check this blog I kinda get the chills seeing his picture pop up so suddenly!

Damn, I'm lame.

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