UK's Most Loyal Fan

A few months ago, Lauren, my brother's fiancee, sent me an email saying she had gotten tickets to a UK men's basketball game. Those who are familiar with UK basketball realize how difficult it is to find tickets to home games. Kentuckians will donate $100, 000 or more to the university in hopes of getting season tickets. They don't. The joke, which is not really a joke, is people have to inherit UK basketball tickets.
So imagine my excitement when I heard Lauren, who works for UK's College of Pharmacy got TWO tickets for a MEN's basketball game at RUPP ARENA. That is HUGE. These tickets are also close to the floor so hopefully Daddy and Josh will get some good photos.
I snapped this photo while my dad, who looks like Colonel Sanders or Santa, was opening the tickets. He had no idea. The look on his face said it all. My dad only gets excited about six things, buying property, money, UK basketball, golf, vintage cars, and Home Depot. Lauren was so touched by his gratitude she cried. This made me cry. I have since concluded my family is a little more hillbilly than I would like to admit. I mean, who cries over basketball tickets?
The UK Wildcats will be hosting the South Carolina Gamecocks tomorrow night. Our prayers go out for Tubby Smith and his Wildcats. Damn I wish I had a tv with ESPN.
Go Blue!!

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Sherpa said...

I don't know. Crying over Nascar? That's one thing. Crying over basketball tickets? Totally socially acceptable.

Boo said...

Thanks hun. UK actually beat SC last night by 7 or 8 pts. My dad couldn't stop talking about how he could see Tubby Smith's facial expressions. I guess their seats were underneath the home goal. My only regret is that I could not be there too.

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