My Mental Esoteric Fortune Cookie

People receive inspiration in various ways and in diverse places. I have often heard people say, "Some of my best ideas have come while I was on the toilet, in the shower, or while stuck in traffic."
I have had many experiences with inspiration. I have experienced it through feelings or impressions and as clear distinct thoughts or ideas. Being the skeptic I am, I quickly question the source of the feeling or thought. "Was that thought the product of my own desires or was it's origin divine?"
Over the past year I have received inspiration that has caused me serious reflection and great uneasiness. Not that the impressions are warning me something negative is about to transpire. The uneasiness is more a result of self doubt. "Am I misinterpreting these feelings?" I often wonder.
I also struggle with questions about the timing of the inspiration I receive. "Why now instead of later?" Questions about timing are especially pertinent when the inspiration received involves another individual. "Why didn't they receive the same prompting or inspiration at the exact moment I did?"
For me inspiration often comes when I am not expecting it. I may pray for guidance or direction for weeks only to receive an answer, through inspiration, months later. This can be very frustrating at times; waiting for inspiration. However, when it comes, in that very moment you have that feeling or experience that thought, the frustration is immediately replaced with gratitude and humility.
This morning, while soaking in the tub, (I love taking baths) a thought came clearly into my mind. I described it later to Steph, as my mental esoteric fortune cookie. The thought was simply this, "Something big is on the horizon."
This caused me to pause mid-lather and question, "What's about to happen?" "Why is it big?" "Who's it going to happen to?" "Was that me or is God trying to tell me something?"
Fourteen hours later, I'm still uncertain. I do know instead of saying "Something big is on the horizon," my mind would normally think, "Something big is about to happen." I usually don't say "on the horizon." Also, when I bathe, my goal is to not think about anything. So, my determination is the thought was inspiration.
As to discovering what "big" thing is "on the horizon," well, I think that requires standing still and waiting for the answer to be revealed. Here's to patience and to whatever big thing is on the horizon.

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Stephanie said...

I love your Fortune Cookies. :) I'm glad you're sharing with us.

Rae said...

Hallelujah for good things on the horizon....To whomever and whenever it happens!

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