Shoe Spotlight

Although I described them to many I decided to post a photo of the shoes I will wearing at my brother's wedding. It's crazy. This time next week I will be sleeping in my pink princess room at the "farm house" in Kentucky. I will drift off to sleep to the sound of crickets and wake up to the bellow of cows. Horses, tractors and the smell of freshly cut hay! It's obviously been too long.
Anyway, I hope Stephanie, our shoe aficionado approves. They are my first pair of heels with ankle straps, which men, I have been told, love! They have yet to bring me luck but who knows? Maybe I just haven't worn them in front of the right men.

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Stephanie said...

THOSE are SO hot!! I love them!! You're going to rock that aisle.

Boo said...

Do you really think so?! I love them. I was hoping you would approve.

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