Guilt much?

I'm stuck today. Stuck because my car is dead and in Pocatello but there are children dying in Africa.

I don't mean that in the "yeah, yeah" way it's usually said. I really mean it. My life is blessed beyond compare. I have a car, family, a great job, possessions, the ability to travel--all the things that make me happy. I'm not without anything that I need to thrive.

But my car is stuck and I'm upset because it's expensive and I don't have the money to fix it. I'm annoyed that the mechanics didn't correct everything perfectly the first time. I'm in a horrible mood about needing to work today when all this is going on. I'm pissed that my neighbor was going around looking for the dogs that were barking so he sat on my property to watch my dogs bark.* And I'm annoyed that I'm annoyed, you know?

Do you ever get like that? You feel pissed/upset/annoyed and suddenly you think, "STEPHANIE! You are so BLESSED! SHUT IT!"

Maybe it's just me.

But then I do start to think about all the horrible things in the world (I'll spare you my list) and how I'm not being subjected to any of them. But rather than making me feel good about my life it makes me feel bad about my guilt.

Thank God Reese's Stix are now an approved medication for depression. I know because they help me and I prescribed them to myself.

*HELLO! THEY ARE DOGS, YOU IDIOT! They BARK when someone they don't know is sitting ON MY PROPERTY watching them! DUH! I HATE OLD PEO...THAT PARTICULAR OLD PERSON. *deep breathing* The End.

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