Yesterday's Fortune

With my recent graduation, the never-ending search for the perfect job in an ideal location, my brother's wedding, and who knows what after that, there is a strong possibility this fortune may prove true. Some things seem to be changing/occurring so quickly while others seem to be standing still. Although I have experienced moments of frustration and discouragement, like Steph, I can't complain and when I do, I just feel guilty because honestly I have been so blessed, especially within the last three months. I don't know how or when but I hope whatever happens this summer that will influence/change my life view will be positive and a blessing not only for me but for others as well.

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Sarina said...

you are so pretty, you look great in those pics from dinner the other night. 80) and I love the new bridesmaid dress!

Boo said...

Sabes you are too nice but thanks for the compliment. I needed that and right back at you Sissy!
I am so glad you like the new bridesmaid dress, however, Lauren is still insisting I wear the other. So tomorrow morning I am going to China-man to see what he can do. Aghh!

Boo said...
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