Why I Love Visiting Teaching...

In my last post I mentioned my Visiting Teachers, Christy Campbell and Sundee Hancock invited Sarina and I over for Sunday dinner and to celebrate my birthday. Never one to pass up a photo op, I decided to take a few pictures of the feast they prepared.
A photo of my dinner plate. When I mentioned I had an affinity for sweet potato casserole, Jesse dished me a generous portion. Hmmm...sweet potatoes. As the photo demonstrates we had pork tenderloin, summer squash and zucchini and french bread with a choice of brie or homemade jam.
Following dinner Christy stuck a candle in the leftover brie and everyone sang "Happy Birthday." I can honestly say this was the best birthday I have ever had! So many surprises.

Sundee baked two homemade apple pies for dessert. They were amazing!! As you can see, not only is she gorgeous but talented too.

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