Dear Boo:

For your birthday I decided to google us and see what I could find! The first one was this!!

Hello! I love the Bold and the Beautiful! That used to be my soap!

Also I found...
And this!?
And this.

Just like our friendship, I never would have anticipated the results.

Girl, I miss you every day! I hope today is a great birthday. Rina is so excited about your crown. Wear it loud and proud, babyboo!



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Boo said...

That's me alright; heartbreaker, dream-maker--don't mess around with me.

Gwen said...

lol... happy Birthday Boo! Hope you had a great one :D Wish I could be there to party!

Crackpot Press said...

Thanks for the shout out! Stephanie Daley is a great and important flick.

Amber Tamblyn is amazing in it.

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