Harry Potter Book Bash

Brett is one of the best Home Teachers I have ever had and that is saying something because I have been blessed with really good Home Teachers. Last night Brett agreed to allow me to tag along with him to the Barnes & Noble Harry Potter midnight book sale.
I reserved my book on Wednesday and had initially decided to pick my book up first thing this morning at 9am. At the last minute, in true BOO fashion, I changed my mind and decided to brave the die-hards with Brett.

I am so glad I did. As soon as we arrived we were greeted by other fans dressed as characters from the series. Not one to be shy, I asked these kind strangers if I could snap a photo for my blog. They agreed, because who doesn't want to feel famous?
These ladies were just the tip of the ice berg. We were amazed by the numbers of folks that dressed up for the event. People of all ages and backgrounds came dressed and ready to celebrate in true wizard style.

Arriving at 10pm, Brett and I wondered around the entire store for an hour before we got thirsty. Around 11:15pm I persuaded him to order his first strawberry frap from Starbucks. While we were standing in line, I snapped this photo. I thought it was so cute this little girl had decided to pass her time reading beneath a book display table. Not only is she smart, she looks killer in her purple wig and red lipstick.

Wondering over to the children's section we discovered a mini-platform with Harry and friends posing for photos. When we discovered they were available for photo ops I snapped one with my camera.

On the opposite side of the children's' section was a face-painting table. I couldn't resist. Although most of the people in line were requesting the dark mark I decided to go Potter-friendly and adopt the Crookshanks look. Brett hates cats so he teased me the entire night about how ridiculous he thought I looked. I didn't care. After she was finished, the face-painter agreed to take our photo on the kiddie bench. Doesn't Brett look handsome in his glasses? He said he wore them because his contacts were bothering him but I think he had a different agenda.

Finally they called group 13, which was the group we were assigned to. We took this photo just before we stepped up to the register to purchase our reserved copies. Brett loves to make this face in photos. He says he wants everyone to know how much fun he has when we hang out. He was being facetious of course. He was really miserable, can't you tell?

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Anonymous said...

It looks as if you have a nice big booger on your nose. eeeewwwww!!!

Boo said...

Nice to know you haven't matured even in the face of such a committment as matrimony. Your fiancee, I have decided is a saint to marry an ASS like you.

Sherpa said...

sibling love is awesome.

What a fun night!

Hey, how have you been btw?

Boo said...

My brother's name is Josh. Jeremy is none other than Jeremy Heffner who used to be in the Langley Ward and is engaged to be married. Which begs the question, how does he have time or why would he want to pester me?
As for me, I am doing awesome. How 'bout you?

Sherpa said...

Okay, that's funny. Ah yes, I know of Jeremy. Seriously though, why the lame elementary school humor?

Doing great, thanks.

Stephanie said...

Amber and Jeremy have a longstanding love/hate/insult/hug relationship. It's complicated but it's funny as hell to watch in person!!

Boo said...

Elementary school humor... Couldn't have said it better myself. Who knows? He's a man and men often write or make elementary remarks. I perceive a man's words to be a measure of his mental faculties. Jeremy, elementary? Sounds accurate to me.

Anonymous said...

Elementary? Come on! Let's try to relax for a second. It was a freaking joke! Stop being so dramatic. They say that smiling and laughing is good for the soul, "if you even have one" HA!!!!

Anne said...

Brett IS handsome., and oh...your wedding shoes are HOT!! Too bad you didn't get to wear them :(

Boo said...

He may be handsome but he's a little shy. Totally hilarious though once you get to know him. You should hang out with us sometime.

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