A Grande Saturday

Two summers ago I met Leslie, a soon-to-be Museum Studies graduate student who was the Executive Assistant for the American Studies Program. I had just completed my first semester in the American Studies Program and was working as the Executive Assistant for the Museum Studies Program. We bonded over ice cream, often alternating between the GW Deli or Cone E. Island Ice Cream. I prefer the latter.
Last week, we decided we should chat over ice cream. Suffering from withdrawal, I also wanted to see the baby. I can't believe sometimes, how much I miss her. We bonded during our walks and I was excited when she recognized my voice and instead of crying, smiled.
In fact, princess Isla was all smiles while we were playing. Leslie says she loves the outdoors and it shows. She kept grabbing grass and putting it in her mouth. We were constantly taking the grass blades from her only to watch her grab another fist-full and repeat the action. I tease Leslie that Isla will be a park ranger or a big-wig environmentalist. I would love that! In the meantime I just wish she would grow some hair. Auntie Jacqueline is holding Isla in this photo.

Although her eyes are closed in this photo, Isla is anything but camera shy. She loves posing for the camera and is a very photogenic baby. I love that her outfit has pink butterflies on it. We have so much in common already.

This is a photo Auntie Jacqueline took of Auntie Amber holding Isla. Auntie Amber didn't like the way she looked in the photo, you will understand one day Isla, so she cropped it, to show the better half. Auntie Amber does like the way her hands look though and is so proud that you look so happy while she's holding you. This was not always the case.

While we were playing in the grass, these Indian guys decided to play a game of cricket. Auntie Amber found this ironic, and your mother can explain why someday, that this should happen while she was with her on GW's campus. Isla, it may sound absolutely romantic to date former professional cricket players from India, and at times it is, but I would recommend dating men who are more academic. Men that wear bow ties and glasses, for instance, and can engage you in intellectually stimulating conversations. Those men are difficult to find, its true, but I am confident you can and will choose wisely. Your mom did. Your parents have one of the coolest relationships I have ever seen.

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