August Twenty-Fourth

Yesterday I finally received my diploma in the mail, making the conference of my MA degree official. Needless to say, I was grateful. I would have received my diploma in June but it was sent to my Georgia address. I have no idea what happened to the first copy but Jackie at Graduation Services was kind enough to order me a second.
Isn't is beautiful? I love that it reads, "Amber Erin Kidd and Master of Arts" in bold type. There were so many nights I contemplated quitting, giving up, going home. My friends and God's mercy are the only things that saved me. For me, graduation was nothing shy of a miracle and even now when I reflect on everything that occurred during those two years I marvel that I survived. Now if I could only find employment in my field and a place to settle down, I would be set.

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Sarina said...

Congrats!! it is beautiful and sophisticated. 80)

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