I caught up with one of my lifetime friends, Desiree. We met in Young Women's or during middle school and were pretty much inseparable through high school. I love her family and treat them like my own. Well, actually I treat them better than my own, but I love them like my own.

Desiree's younger sister, Denisha, is an excellent photographer and since marrying Rodney, has established her own business. Lauren, my new sister-in-law, saw her work and hired her on the spot. I was so grateful Denisha was shooting the wedding because, other than my family and Josh's law school friends, I really didn't know many of the wedding guests. When she wasn't taking photos, Denisha told me about Desiree and Chuck.

I had heard about Chuck before. Standing 6'9", he is a guy Desiree met at a bbq. He took her out for her birthday and they have seen each other every day since. He treats her like gold and she said spending time with him is "so easy." He calls her and she calls him and they plan their week together. They each do things with friends but they see each other at least once everyday. I asked if they were exclusive and she said they were.

I congratulated her and then we browsed the James Allen website together. Tiffany's will always be my favorite but James Allen is a close second. Every woman should check it out despite her relationship status.

The photo above was taken in front of the Provo Temple where Desiree volunteers. I love that we both served temple missions and we both have worked as temple workers in the Provo Temple.

Emma and Xander are Christian and Jenny's children, Desiree's older brother and sister-in-law. They are so beautiful and I can't wait to meet them when they finally get back to DC. So many good things to look forward to. Life is good.

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Stephanie said...

Boo! I'm so glad life is good. :) Just wanted to comment cause I know you LOVE it. xoxo

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