Flashback Friday

Long impressed with Sherpa's Wordless Wednesdays I have decided to christen Fridays, Flashback Fridays, not to be confused with Flash Dance Fridays. I have not discussed this with Stephanie, so it doesn't apply to her, unless she chooses.
These photos were taken at the Salt Lake Winter Olympics in 2002. I met Duane's, pictured below, shortly after I returned from serving a mission on Temple Square. Elder and Sister Rowe were serving as a senior couple in Atlanta, when I met them. When they discovered I was single, they asked me to write to their son, an optometrist in Arizona. I agreed and that is how I met Duane.
Although Duane and I never dated, we did meet once. Duane flew up from Phoenix for the Olympics and purchased tickets to several events; one of which he invited me to attend. It was a hockey match between Germany and Sweden, if I remember correctly, and the game ended with a tied score. I recall thinking that was odd but didn't mind very much because everyone seemed happy with the outcome; no one lost.
I also remember being approached by a Coca-Cola representative who requested an interview. For ten minutes I allowed this man to ask me questions about Coke and in response I bore, what was then false testimony, of how much I loved the product. At that time I was not drinking Coke or any soda at all. A cameraman filmed the entire thing, which they loved and said would be broadcast on the company website. I am not sure if it was but was happy to be interviewed all the same.
Hooray for Flashback Fridays!

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