The Rehearsal

The Friday before the wedding was hectic, as anyone may imagine. As I mentioned previously, I went from the hospital to the rental place and then on to Berry Hill to set up for the wedding and rehearse for the ceremony.
To illustrate what it's like living in Kentucky and also driving there I snapped this photo from my uncle's truck. We followed this car for almost five miles and not once did the driver make an attempt to pull over and close their trunk. It was incredible. How do people like this obtain a driver's license?

Why my brother agreed to marry in August is beyond me. Not only was it hot but it was so humid I was "glistening" like crazy. Before laying the table linens and folding the napkins, I photographed the house, which was an architectural historians delight. From the fanlights above the front and rear entrances, to the tapestries, to the English Tudor fireplace, I tried to capture all the major details for later study. The home is so impressive, the state office that manages Ketucky's historic sites is located on the second floor.

Although the wedding ceremony was outdoors the reception was indoors, with the option of eating outside. This part of the house was called the music room and was a later addition. The walls were covered in solid walnut (?) paneling. On one wall stood an impressive pipe organ while on the opposite wall sat the huge Tudor fireplace. The fireplace was adorned on either side by an alcove accented with stained-glass windows. It was absolutely gorgeous.
I snapped this photo from the library, where there was a small balcony overlooking the music room. Hodap, Lauren's friend and dj for the reception, set up Josh's equipment on the balcony which worked beautifully.
After laying the linens and folding napkins we braved the heat and humidity for the rehearsal. The wedding planners had diagrams for us to study and were so organized that we only had to practice once.
I decided to snap photos while standing in line. Shia (pictured above), Josh's best friend, stood to the left of me while Parker, the ring-bearer stood to my right. On the other side of Shia was Jenny, who is totally 80's and freakin' awesome. Her boyfriend, Mike, was also in the wedding, although I can't remember exactly where he stood or what he did.
Anyway, Shia teaches kindergarten in Fulton County, Georgia, which is where I met him. We've known each other for at least four or five years and since our first meeting Shia confided in Josh, who immediately told me, he wanted to marry me, especially if he doesn't become a Buddhist monk. I am not sure if I should be flattered or not but he's cool so I just go with it.
This little man stood to my right. I held his hand during the rehearsal so he wouldn't wander off. Although I kept his attention during the rehearsal I was not as successful during the actual ceremony. I hope my son is like Parker; intelligent, polite, and a total flirt even at age three, at least I think he's three. His parents, Hodap and Liz were so cool I have no doubts Parker will mature into a responsible, stable, loving adult. Parker is also Lauren's godson and I assume by extension Josh's also. Lauren and Josh have been involved in Parker's life since his birth and I am certain this is not the last time I will see Hodap, Jr.

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