Belga Cafe and the Eastern Market

Saturday morning, Eve, Camille and I decided to meet for brunch at Belga Cafe near Eastern Market. A co-worker from Dewberry recommended it and the food and atmosphere was a welcome change from the overcrowded, noisy, Bread & Chocolate, which I find too commercial anyway. Belga is known for their Belgian waffles, which come with assorted berries, or bananas and Nutella. Eve and I tried "The Eggs," which were delicious.

Camille and Eve are two of the coolest women I know. Camille hails from Arkansas and has studied architecture in Greece and Rome. Needless to say, I am super jealous. I will miss sitting next to her in class this year.

Eve has become one of my closest confidants. I value her opinions and am constantly soliciting her advice in regards to almost everything. Not only does she have gorgeous red hair and perfect skin, she crafts the coolest shrimp tiaras around. My favorite Eve saying is, "Oh to be a fly on the wall." It totally makes me smile.

I love flowers and couldn't resist taking a photo. Aren't they lovely?! I love Eastern Market!

This photo is for Stephanie. I love you Stephanie!

On our walk back to the metro station, Camille and Eve were handed fliers for the Remix. The Remix is a vintage clothing store, and since Camille was looking for a 40's dress anyway, we decided to explore.
While Camille was busy trying on dresses I checked out the accessories. Although it isn't as cool or as chic as my Happy Birthday tiara, I couldn't resist trying it on. Do I look like Ms. County Fair or what?

In addition to clothes and accessories, the Remix, has this "red lips couch" located downstairs. The sign states, please admire with your eyes and not your hands." Although it doesn't really resemble female lips in this photo, in the store it seemed more realistic. Camille got her dress, Eve bought some scarves and I practiced amazing self-restraint the entire day. I didn't purchase anything, although I really wanted some handkerchiefs, which were only $3 a piece at the Remix and $7-$10 a piece at Eastern Market.

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Sherpa said...

Sounds like a great time!

Sarina said...

I miss the east coast when i see photos like this. I never have been to the eastern market, we will def have to go next time I am out there boo.

Boo said...

Sabes, I didn't know you had never been to Eastern Market! Aghh! Next time you come into town, provided I am still living here, we will go for sure. Everyone should experience Eastern Market at least once. :)

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