A Few Reasons I Love My Job

We get to order pizza for special events. I decided to take a photo of our Papa Johns delivery guy because he was late and I wanted to see how he'd react. He was totally cool with it.
We also get to wear really cool buttons, like those in the photo above, to promote certain programs and initiatives. (Photo courtesy of Dave)

In addition to the buttons and pizza, we attend meetings disguised as parties, to discuss ways we can improve our work environment and profit the company. (Photo courtesy of Dave)

In our working environment everyone is a star!

Every new employee is assigned a buddy. This is my buddy, Ashley, who is one of the most fashionable ladies I know. Victoria and Ashley were the ones that convinced me to buy the dress I am wearing in this photo, which we refer to as, "the cherry dress." It was in Juniors, which makes this 29 years-old lady feel really good! I promised I would wear it to this "meeting," and although I initially had reservations am glad I did. It was perfect!
Rhonda Lou snapped this photo. Thanks Rhonda for being a patient and willing photographer. We love you!

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Anonymous said...

Hooray for the cherry dress! You look fab in it! It is so very lovely to have you at work, you make me smile all the time!
-Ashley :)

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