Lauren & Josh Forever

As you may have guessed last weekend my brother and Lauren tied the knot. Although it was hotter than hell, the ceremony was beautiful, the food was delicious and the music was phenomenal! I feel sorry for the guests who weren't able to attend because it was so much fun. Although Stephanie wasn't able to fly in, the fact that Josh and Lauren were married by a female preacher named Stephanie and her husband Tim, made her feel a little closer.

I snapped this photo during the rehearsal. I love it because they are wearing their air brush t-shirts, a commentary on Kentucky redneck couples. Later that evening, Josh went to Hooters for his bachelor party and found it amusing when the waitresses complimented him on his t-shirt. They weren't joking. They actually liked it.

I will post more about the wedding later but wanted to congratulate Mr. and Mrs. Josh Kidd on tying the knot. I am so proud my brother was able to commit to the woman he loves. I only hope one day I can find someone I can commit my life to as well.

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