Since my computer sporadically connects to the wireless router for brief moments, I have not been able to blog frequently. Having a free Saturday and since Ms. Julie (photo above) is moving I decided to catch-up.
In case anyone doubted, and you know who you are, I do cook. I also bake. Rae took a photo to document my virgin experience of making popcorn balls, a treat I thoroughly enjoy but have never mastered the art of. This is me, in my xxl Georgia t-shirt, thanks Ron, stirring the goo that cements the popcorn into a ball shape.

Once the goo was finished, we poured it over the popcorn, separate bowl, and formed the popcorn into balls. The balls cool best when placed on wax paper. I was so excited I took a photo. They were a hit at the work party, thank goodness.

Making popcorn balls with Rae was nice because it had been awhile since we spent quality time together. Rae is moving next Saturday and with our crazy schedules who knows when we will see each other again. One love Rae and I share is popcorn. Whether it's loose or in balls (I know that sounds bad) popcorn is a meal I can enjoy anytime of day.

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