Big Naughty Debut

A few months ago, while standing at Erin's desk I noticed a picture of a beautiful cat set in a gold frame. I believe that cats are unique creatures with definite personalities that vary from feline to feline. The photo from Erin's desk is not posted here but allow me to describe it to you.
Imagine, if you will, the personality and facial expressions of a famous rapper who's pimp with the ladies and knows it. Now imagine a "hey baby," facial expression on a cat and you have BIG Naughty or the Notorious BIG of felines.
"Naughty," as he is sometimes referred to, is an abbreviation of his formal name, Nautical. The photos posted here were selected from his extensive portfolio to demonstrate his complex persona.
The first photo I have titled, "Playing Innocent," because Big Naughty is anything but Innocent.
The next three shots may be considered a little should we say, naughty? The photo above reveals Naughty's true physique, which the ladies love, while the one below suggests his sensitivity and willingness to cuddle in bed. Meee-YOW!

Naughty realizes that sleep and a "healthy" diet are essential to sustain his bad boy image. These three photos are just a small sample of Naughty's nocturnal photo shoot. This is their first public release.
Naughty dreams naughty because he is naughty! He's not smiling because he's resting...ladies. Naughty has a brain that doesn't quit.

Although Naughty prefers to screen his public photos, he also has a sense of humor and realizes many people are out to tarnish his naughty image. However, Naughty is ah'right with it because Big Naughty has to eat big to stay big! Ahhh yeah! Big Naughty.

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Stephanie said...

I love him!! So cute!!

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