Last night we hosted Family Home Evening or FHE as we refer to it, at the townhouse. Our FHE group is quite large and a lot of fun to hang out with especially when the activity is making gingerbread houses. The photo above is a representation of how advanced and intricate these gingerbread creations were. If the gingerbread house above was real I would totally live there. I mean a pool with a zip-line above it is amazing! Who wouldn't want to live in a house like that?
In addition to making gingerbread houses, we had fun decorating faces as well. Slade's face was decorated by Mary also responsible for smearing Darin's face below with frosting before she kissed him. I loved it. It reminded me of things Stephanie would do if she were in our FHE group. Sometimes I look around and think, many of the new kids in our Ward have never met Steph. This thought is usually followed by hopes that one day they will because everyone needs a little bit of Steph in their lives. I honestly don't know why I am so blessed to have her as a friend and not just a friend but a close friend.
This, in my opinion was the best photo of the night. Darin looks so happy and why wouldn't he be? A cute woman smearing his face with frosting. Any man would be thrilled, right?

Of all the entries, and the competition was intense, ours was the Victor, with a capital V, of course. A single-wide trailer fit with a satellite dish, a pink flamingo, a car on cinder blocks, Dale Earnhardt and Dixie flags, a UFO half-buried in the back yard and Big Mamma in the front yard. Pure genius. We knew we had it in the bag. Next week Reed is going to give us our prize. I am all excitement to see what it is. Until then the first place gingerbread single-wide is on display in our living room where we can bask in all its white-trash glory.

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