Dr. Longstreth's Holiday Party

A long-standing American Studies tradition is attending Dr. Longstreth's annual holiday party at his home. These holiday parties are legendary! My first year in graduate school I was so bummed because I wasn't able to attend. By my second year in graduate school I was so stoked about attending this party I even made a Derby pie for the event.
This year Dr. Longstreth, pictured above, entertained us with stories from the past, while I took a few photos of my friends.
Meet Amber Wiley, the other, and now only Amber in the American Studies program. Although we have a few things in common, we are both cool, she is more educated and speaks more languages than I do. An absolute catch for all you men out there.

This is my artsy, photogenic friend Camille, who formerly dated an architect but is now "seeing" a hottie Jewish law student. Why can't I do that? For the record, Jewish men are hot! Don't believe me? Jonathan Netanyahu. N'ough said.
I met Camille at her house so we could walk to Longstreth's together. Her place is so cute and is close to Meridian Park, a new discovery for wha-la. I am dying to go back during the day to avoid the rumored crack whores so I can take photos.
During my two and a half years of graduate school I never could have convinced Dr. Longstreth to pose for a photo with me. Sunday I had the pleasure of posing for a photo with Longstreth and I couldn't believe he agreed to it. Me with the paragon of preservation. Imagine that. Maybe one day his greatness will rub off and I will actually find a full-time position in my field.

I call this photo Richard's angels. Gorgeous, confident, capable, intelligent women, that's what we are. We are fortunate to be associated with him but it goes both ways. He is equally fortunate in my estimation.
Either way, it was splendid seeing my friends again and I will be sad when I am no longer around to hear about their classes or to see them progress professionally. No matter where life may lead us, I am confident none of us will forget our infamous director and the memories we made together.

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[AlisaR] said...

I am Stephanie's long-time friend, but I have to admit that I love reading your posts so much! Thanks for the diversions.

Boo said...

Thanks! I love it when people comment on my writing. Please feel free to comment anytime.

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