Photo Shoot Friday

On Friday Dave and Victoria organized a photo shoot for our business unit. Afterwards we received an email with this attached. I have no idea why Lucy's face from the Peanuts was attached to my body. I think I would have made a better Daphne but what do I know? This begs the question however, if I am Lucy where is my George?

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dear old dad said...

You being identified as Lucy reinforces my belief that the name Lucy has some significance in our lives. I have not discovered any ancestors with that name. Oh well maybe someday we'll find out.

Dear Old Dad

Boo said...

Thanks for commenting Dad. I am so excited you finally did!
I honestly don't know why you and others occasionally refer to me as Lucy. It's cute but I prefer Amber.
I love you and thanks again for taking the time to comment on our blog.

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