Friday night I attended Melissa, she will always be Sue to me, and Chris's wedding reception. Since moving to Washington Melissa and I have not spent a lot of time together. I was busy with graduate school and her house was not metro accessible. We occasionally saw each other at showers or parties but they were few and far between. Needless to say, she's changed. She's not the Melissa I knew at BYU. She's always been cute but Friday night she looked really beautiful. They say love has the ability to transform people and I believe that. She really was a radiant bride.
Another observation I made was how natural their relationship seemed to be. Their conversations were easy and "real." There was no pretense or false excitement. You could sense they knew each other in a real way and they were confident in their decision. An element I find absent too frequently when observing newlyweds during their receptions.
Serving a mission on Temple Square I saw thousands of brides. Since my mission I have attended numerous wedding receptions. Even working as a guide at the Decatur House, every Saturday I watch and occasionally assist caterers and wedding planners set-up for a wedding or reception. One of my favorite things about a wedding is the cake. The wedding cake can be a medium for artistic creativity if the couple desires or has the money to spend to make it so. Although elegant this cake is pretty standard. Very appropriate for the reception but it doesn't say very much about the couple. I enjoy seeing cakes that vary from the norm. Something that will dazzle and tempt folks to grab their cameras to take pictures so they can show their friends. A cake that will have people talking about it long after the honeymoon is over. If I ever get married, that is what I want; a creative cake.

As I mentioned in a previous post, perhaps several, Chris's sister Kim was my mission companion on Temple Square. Although we have been in touch since I moved to Washington we have not seen each other since I was a student at BYU (2003). Since then, Kim has not only married but had two babies. She has also allowed her hair to grow long, which I absolutely love! Although she was a cute missionary, she is a gorgeous wife and mother. I've decided missions don't really enhance a woman's physical beauty. Everyones' looks seem to improve afterwards. I know mine did but not much because comparing my photos with Melissa's and Kimmy's (Kim is younger) I just looked old and too soft. I'm not complaining but simply sharing a feeling I have. At 29, I just think I have missed or am missing something. I haven't determined what that is but I know there's something more to life than what I have now. I guess that is what life is about. An eternal quest to obtain what it is you are missing, i.e. knowledge, wisdom, charity, etc.
Perhaps that will be my new goal for 2008. Finding what's missing while I continually strive to "keep it real." I think I like it.

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