In our continuing series: Adventures with Children!

This weekend I went to Richland, WA to spend the first serious quantity of quality time with the children of my FormerBoyfriendNowFriendButStillWithTheSameFeelings.

Don't ask.

World, Jocelyn and Adam. Jocelyn and Adam, World.

Jocelyn, Adam and FriendsJocelyn, Adam and Friends Hosted on Zooomr

Jocelyn started this amazing trend while trying to think of a new way to carry the bunny while we were waiting for "Dad" to finish learning what was wrong with the plane. I though the weekend was off to an awful start when everytime Bas said to me, "Ok. Now throw the plane." was followed by, "Wow. Who knew model planes could nose dive like that?"

Here were the moments just before that happy event.

Maiden FlightMaiden Flight Hosted on Zooomr

You'll notice that while Adam has given up the StuffedAnimalAsHat look, Jocelyn has managed to convince herself it's the new black. This would continue for another 30 minuets or so until she discovered Beanie Babies. Then she made families for each of them and insisted on a photo so they could remember who their families were. "Because! How else do you knoW!?" she said when I asked why that was so important.

Far be it from me.

Jocelyn and FamiliesJocelyn and Families Hosted on Zooomr

After some quality time in the hobby store, we headed home for brunch, a movie and a nap for Dad. I've decided I love to watch Jocelyn when she's enthralled.

Jocelyn and BasJocelyn and Bas Hosted on Zooomr

I tried to get some pictures of Adam but, as one would expect of Superman (shh. Don't tell. He has a secret identity to maintain but it's really good cause you'd never expect Superman to be blonde and 8. It's all part of the master plan.) he's never motionless long enough for my pathetic little camera to catch him. These are the moments I envy Dooce.

In the afternoon, we went swimming. Perhaps the best part of my day was when Jocelyn and I were alone in the deep end. She touched my left breast and said, "What are these?"

I replied, "Those are breasts. You have some too. So does your Mommy."

With a quick downward glance and an authority in her voice she responsed, "Not like these she doesn't."

Is there any question why I love her?

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erinannie said...

You need this shirt.

Boo said...

I have been meaning to comment on this blog for DAYS. Anyway, I love the photos. You are practically Dooce. Pretty soon millions of her followers will be reading this blog because you post here. How lucky am I to have such a famous friend? Does that mean I can be famous too? I hope so. Here's to fame and all the perks that come with it.

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