a new friend. Friend enjoys board games, but not Risk, traveling, especially international, music, with the exception of contemporary country, art, he has a masters in art, law, he is a practicing attorney, and museums, we visited the George Catlin exhibit this afternoon.
He has a great sense of humor, is witty, patient, soft-spoken, polite/mannerly without being pretentious and smart as hell. He only cursed once in my presence although he admitted he usually does so more frequently but felt he shouldn't with me. I liked that. He is partial to the words "indeed," and "right," which makes me giggle for some unknown reason. He even drew a dancing unicorn on the title page of my copy of Pride and Prejudice, who he christened Boris after the dancing bear in the Russian circus. I have never heard of Boris the bear.
He loves children's literature and has a terrific name. In fact, all his family members have great names. He has traveled extensively, living in various states but was raised in Tennessee. He loves basketball but not to the exclusion of appreciating other sports. He has agreed to be my tennis instructor. They say, "one can never have enough friends," and I totally agree. I am so grateful for the new friend I have made and look forward to many more opportunities of being friends.

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Stephanie said...

Hello Friend! Welcome to our blog. And thank you for being good to my friend!

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