Flashback Friday

This photo was taken in the Spring of 1995. I was a junior at Madison Southern High School in Berea, Kentucky and was selected to represent my class in Kentucky's version of Who's Who among high school students. Most of my friends participated and were also selected. As candidates we were photographed by a professional photographer. Later these photographs and a mini-bio was matted in a huge frame where it was displayed in a shopping mall. Since I attended high school in Madison County my portfolio was displayed in the Richmond Mall, the only mall in the entire county. This photo was one of many my parents purchased and display in their homes. This was my favorite shot because its the only professional photo I have with a pet.
Jordan was our second golden retriever, following Zachary Taylor. I had him until the end of my freshman year at BYU. He stayed at my dad's farm while I was in school. I would have given anything to take him with me. He would have loved Utah. Anyway, I would love to have another golden one day. They make terrific companions and are excellent with children.
That's a little about my second photo for Flashback Friday. Sorry I missed last week. Now we just need IB to participate.

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Jacqueline said...

I love the pic. I was a "who's who" in high school and college, too, but I didn't get a cute professional photo like you. :-) I love goldens too - I miss my Max, she was an amazing dog.

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