This afternoon Justin, my co-worker, (see photo above) shared that Miracle, his darling cat, has taken to sleeping by her food dish. Not only is she incredibly sweet, her story is worthy of her name.
According to Justin, six or seven years ago, Miracle's mother had a litter of kittens, of which Miracle was included. Apparently when female kitties birth their young, they remove the placenta, which often clings to the babies' eyes, noses and mouths, preventing the intake of oxygen. If the mother cat fails to remove the placenta in time, the kitten will suffocate.
By the time Miracle's mother had finished birthing and cleaning her kittens, she was exhausted. So exhausted she forgot, or chose not to clean Miracle. Lying alone, in a state of suffocation, Miracle was rescued by the owner, who cleaned Miracle at once, sparing her life. The owner shared this story with Justin, admitting she had already christened the kitten thus. Justin impressed with the tale agreed the name was perfect and decided to keep it.
Six or seven years later, Miracle is a healthy, robust feline who continues to captivate the hearts of Justin's friends. She won mine the moment I saw her framed photo on Justin's desk.
Since I don't have any pets of my own I have decided to write about my co-workers and friends pets. Next up, Erin's cat Big Naughty.

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