NSO Concert with Friend

Friend and I agreed to check out the NSO concert on the West lawn of the Capitol this evening. Arriving at 7:30pm we secured a terrific spot. Although it was closer to the Capitol than the stage, we were almost dead-center of the stage and had no difficulty seeing the performers.
There are few views I appreciate more than those of the Washington monument and tonight's sunset was beautiful.

This is a profile shot of Friend. He looks so content.

The is Friend and I just before the concert began. I decided it was time for us to take a photo together.

Moments before the concert began a couple sat down just to our right with the most beautiful dog. Although I didn't catch the name I did start a trend. Seconds after I snapped this photo, women were coming over with their cameras to do the same. Friend and I agreed the dog was very furry and to my surprise, it was very well behaved. In fact, this dog had so much hair we could not determine it's sex. Friend assumed it was a male dog, and after discussing his reasons, I agreed. The music was lovely, the company was fun, the conversation engaging, and the weather perfect. Who could ask for anything more?

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Sherpa said...

Friend is a cutie. NSO concert on the mall at dusk? Sounds awesome.

Oh, and how is Craig?

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