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to my cubicle decor. There are few movie moments that top this one in film history. Steven Spielberg is a genius and Harrison Ford, as Indiana Jones, is perfection.

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Sherpa said...

Raiders of the Lost Ark is chick flick to perfection in my world. The scene where they are on the boat? Totally hot

Boo said...

I love that scene but prefer the Kate Capshaw character more. I love the end of Temple of Doom when he takes the whip and pulls her to him before kissing her. Oh Indiana.

Sherpa said...

That's hot too. I like Kate Capshaw better, but Raiders is my favorite Indy movie. I do like Temple of Doom, but Raiders is chick flick perfection. I'm pretty sure I saw Temple of Doom in the theater, and because it was scary (for a little kid) it was awesome. Crusades I saw in the theater and captivated my imagination like a film can to a kid, but Raiders. Raiders is the best.

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