Long Overdue

I know this is long overdue but I wanted to wish Sabes (photo left) a Happy Birthday. Her birthday was on September 8th and I am the worst friend ever because I didn't even send her anything. I have not forgotten and something will be sent out, or maybe I will hand deliver it when I fly out in December for Desiree's sealing.

Congratulations to Christine (photo right) on her recent engagement to Josh. Christine lives in Washington but I met her shortly after I moved to DC through Steph and 'Rina. I love hanging out with these ladies because they make me feel young, and give me great fashion advice. They also introduce me to new music every time we're together. In short, I am so grateful they are my friends and wish they still lived in Virginia, especially now that I have evenings and weekends free.

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Sarina said...

Thanks boo! I would love to see you in december, that will be about the time I am pulling the rest of my hair out.

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