Patti A. Clay

Just wanted to congratulate my Mom on her new position as an ER nurse at Patti A. Clay hospital. It's strange how our lives tend to "come full circle." My mother worked at Patti A. Clay while she was working toward her BSN at Eastern Kentucky University. I was in third grade then. My dad used to take my brother and I up to the hospital so we could visit my Mom during her breaks.
When I was a sophomore at BYU she worked as a home health nurse for the hospital and during my summer breaks I would join her on patient visits. I was always amazed at how gentle and patient she was with her charges. I was proud of her work ethic, which lately has not been stellar, but during that time was impressive. Both of my parents have always stressed the benefits of hard work and I am grateful for that.
So here's to Mom and here's to Patti A. Clay for welcoming the prodigal nurse home.

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