Playing Rosie

One of the perks of working in a Marketing department is developing creative advertising methods. Moving one step beyond poster paper, we became the advertisement, dressing like Riveters from the forties. Donning oxfords, chinos/jeans and head scarves we set out to distribute posters and buttons to fellow employees.
While Ashley and M explained the purpose of the campaign and the incentives for participating in our corporate-wide competition, Dave and I were having fun. Dave is an excellent photographer, and this afternoon he took two shots I especially appreciate.
Anyone care to guess who or what I was thinking about when Dave took this photo? Dave said it looks like I am sun bathing.

After our excursion Dave and Victoria, our original Rosie and the cutie laughing to the left, created a 13x9 poster of the first photo, with the second photo inset in the bottom left corner. Although we joked about how silly I looked (whenever I try to be sexy the result is always the same; instead of resembling Grace Kelly I just look silly) I love the poster!
Thanks M for inviting me to participate in this portion of the campaign and thanks to our company who supports marketing initiatives such as this, enabling employees to develop and enhance their creativity in generous ways.

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Stephanie said...

You were thinking about George! And being Lucy!

Well, that's my guess anyway. And you look so cute! I love it!

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