Flashback Friday

In February 2004 I flew to Seattle for Lisa Pratt's sealing to Adam Hansen. Lisa and I were roommates during my last year at BYU. She was my closest friend during the darkest time of my life and it was so comforting confiding in her without fear of being judged. I will always love her for that.
Lisa graduated a semester before I did, December of 2002, and moved home to Washington. Six months later I received a phone call. Lisa had met Adam, and their courtship and subsequent engagement was an exciting one. Lisa asked me to be her Maid-of-Honor, which explains my trip to Seattle in February.
In addition to myself, Lisa had three other Bride's Maids, one of which encouraged me to move to Washington, DC. Her name is Beverly and although I moved to Washington I rarely see her, as she travels the globe working for the Department of State.
In addition to preparing food for the reception, sewing her veil, creating favors, and scrap booking, Lisa showed me her lovely city. As these photos demonstrate, we spent a day at the fish market. It was incredible watching them toss the fish. Lisa actually knew one of the guys and we took this photo with him. I loved Seattle! It was everything my Mother had described and more. Elliott Bay, was especially beautiful and the name was perfect; my mother's maiden name is Elliott. The Space Needle was amazing and the view from the top definitely worthwhile. Given an opportunity I would move to Seattle in a heartbeat. So many people I love live relatively close and now that Lisa is a mommy it would be wonderful watching little Joshua grow up. In lieu of Kate's upcoming trip, I couldn't resist posting my Seattle photos for Flashback Friday. Enjoy Kate and take lots of photos!

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