If Harry Were a Cat

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Sherpa said...

He's a tiny bit creepy.

Boo said...

You think so? I love him. I just want to pick him up and swing him around while squeeling and squeezing him tight; until he wiggles out of my arms like the cat on Peppe Le Peu.

Sherpa said...

Cats creep me out a bit. Its true, I'm pretty much a cat hater, but I blame it mostly on my kitten dying in my arms when I was four and being horrendously allergic to them.

Any luck in finding a place?

Boo said...

That is a really tragic story. I am sorry that happened to you at such an early age. I love cats but have recently developed an allergy to them as well. I can't have them in my home and certain cats I can only be around for short time periods.
I still don't have a place to live and I have no idea what I am going to do but other than that, life isn't all that bad. Thanks for asking!

Sherpa said...

Well, good luck finding a place to live. That bites.

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