Because I Want To

A= Available~ Perhaps.
B= Best Friend~ Duh. Stephanie Lee Harbour
C= Cake or pie~ Cake but I loves some "dirty" pie.
D= Drink of choice~ Coke on the rocks
E= Essential item you use everyday~ Dial Gold Soap, Dental Floss, makeup, lipstick, there are so many things
F= Favorite color~Red or Navy depends on my mood
G= Gummy bears or worms~ Bears so you can pretend they are people you don't like and slowly mutilate their tiny gummy bodies. First the feet, then the arms, the head, and last the trunk
H= Hometown~ I was born in the hometown of first ladies so I am destined to reside in the White House. Rome, GA is where I was born but I grew up in Berea, KY.
I= Indulgences~ Furniture for my apartment
J= January or February ~ anything is better than Feb. Can you say the 14th?
K= Kids and Names~ I don't have children but I love the name Elliott, Kennedy, Benjamin Asher, Christopher Harrison, Jett (after my Grandpa Kidd), etc. I know one thing's for sure. If I am birthing the babies I am naming them.
L= Life is incomplete without? ~ Family and friends. Could never live without either.
M= Marriage date~ Only the Lord knows that.
N= Number of siblings~ I have one younger brother, Josh who's a rock star at Todd's Karaoke bar.
O= Oranges or apples~ Oranges. My dad used to peel us oranges everynight before bed. I love that smell.
P= Phobias or Fears~ bridges. Architecturally they are fascinating but I hate driving across them.
Q= Favorite Quote~ Anything written or uttered by Pablo Neruda or Bobby Kennedy.
R= Reason to smile~ I applied for graduation this week
S= Season~ Spring or Fall…Love both.
T= Tag 3 or 4 people~ Is there anyone left to tag? Don't think so.
U= Unknown fact about me~ I like playing or watching people play horseshoes.
V= Vegetable you don't like~ Every vegetable that begins with an A
W= Worst habit~ I scratch my scalp in public sometimes without thinking how disgusting that is.
X= X-rays~ I still have some x-rays taken on my foot when I was in Nazareth. Pretty righteous.
Y= Your favorite food~ Papaleno's Pizza--hands down.
Z= Zodiac Sign~Cancer

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