My Brother--The Aspiring Attorney

My brother finally picked up his suite today. He has interviews scheduled in February for summer internships. Bored with his "ordinary" beard, Josh decided to shake things up a bit after Christmas and try the Martin Van Buren look. He was a president after all.
Anyway, I snapped this photo of Josh in Men's Warehouse while my dad was paying for his new duds. Its really telling how influential a person's appearance can be. Until I kindly asked the young clerk to assist my brother NO ONE would even speak to Josh. Once they discovered my dad was willing to lay down dough for two suites they changed their tune. Its unfortunate when people just can't "keep it real." The sad thing is, living in Kentucky, they probably all had at least one relative with a mullet (female relatives included).
As the karaoke photos demonstrate Josh shaved the lamb chops a few days later, into a moustache, resembling the Hispanic guy on City Slickers that hooks up with the blonde chick at the end.
Here's hoping the interviews bode better than the suite shopping.

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