Introducing Isla

Leslie, was one of my first friends at GW. I began working as the Executive Assistant for Museum Studies in March of 2005. Leslie and Dustin moved to DC shortly after. Leslie applied for the Executive Assistant position in the American Studies Program where I am a student. Leslie had just been accepted into the Museum Studies Program at that time and would begin her graduate work that fall. We were opposites, we joked and we quickly became friends.
Our first year at GW we often had lunch together and went on ice cream runs. This may explain the difficulty I've had losing weight. We would vent our frustrations, share experiences and offer advice. Leslie would often patiently listen, and still does, as I told her about my problems with men and relationships.
Leslie would often join Aditya and I for lunch. Leslie and Dustin have the cutest German Shepherd named Eucie. Aditya had a German Shepherd that was living in India with his family. Leslie often brought Eucie to the office and Aditya would play with him while we ate lunch.
In August Leslie and Dustin married. It was so fun listening to her wedding plans, throwing her a bridal shower and seeing her photos afterwards. Dustin and Leslie are the coolest couple. They met while working in the Peace Corps. Their courtship covered Romania, Russia, Poland, Bulgaria, pretty much all of Eastern Europe. Looking at them you know its right. They just look like they fit together. I would die to have a relationship as chill as theirs is. They seem to be so content just being together. I really admire that and hope I can enjoy the same relationship with my husband one day. Whoever he is.
Last spring Leslie confided, I believe it was during an ice cream run, that her and Dustin had decided to have a baby. I congratulated her and naturally prodded for information about prospective baby names and what she wanted--a girl or a boy? Sometimes I think that is the dumbest question people ask and yet I do it all the time.
For two or three months we waited anxiously for the word that Leslie was PG. In March we learned she was. Leslie and Dustin considered several names before deciding on Isla. I won't share the others because they are really cool and she may want to use them for her future children. However, I think they made the best choice with Isla Naomi.
Although I had held Isla once before, yesterday Leslie invited me over for cake--see how much I eat when we are together--and training. Last semester I eagerly volunteered to watch Isla while Leslie went to class. I am not sure why but she agreed that I would be a suitable sitter. We'll see. I am so inexperienced with babies. Toddlers, kids, teens, I can handle, but babies. Humans that can't communicate except through screaming, crying or cooing frighten me a little. Maybe that is why I don't get along with men or emotionally distraught women very well.
However, yesterday holding her I didn't do that bad. When she cried I bounced her and when she really cried I gave her to Leslie for feeding.
Let me tell you, I think mothers must be the most patient people ever. Babies can spend hours--HOURS--breast feeding. That's crazy. Yet, Leslie is so good about it. It also helps that Dustin is very supportive; making her dinner, putting movies on for her to watch, etc.. Man if it were me I would be demanding the man magically grow female breasts and feed the baby himself.
Not only did I hold Isla I was able to catch up with Leslie. So many things have happened over the past few months. It was so nice being able to sit and talk. I look forward to seeing Leslie and now, Isla on a regular basis this semester, as I watch Isla twice a week. I just hope Isla is as content being with me as she is with her mother. Somehow I doubt that will ever be the case but it is kinda nice being referred to as Auntie Amber. Who knows? With my brother and Lauren marrying in August, and Lisa having baby Joshua in May perhaps the title is here to stay.

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Bunny said...

Dude, keep in mind breast feeding burns enough calories that some women extend it for the weight loss benefits ;-)

Boo said...

I know! Leslie told me she burns 600 calories each time she breat feeds.
I think breast feeding is amazing. Plus your boobs become gigantic and for someone like me who has smaller boobs than a dummy in a department store that is something to look forward to.

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