I am not sure...

what it is about John's but I seem to have this thing for them and they for me. I wouldn't be surprised if one day I ended up with a John.
Let me introduce you to Lt Col. Jonathan Netanyahu, one of the F-INEST John's I have ever seen via photographs. I mean look at that hair and his profile. I also think he has amazing ears and a terribly sexy five o'clock shadow. The dimple in his chin is endearing and his mouth well, I could say a few words of praise about that too. If I have to wait until the next life to marry, let me just say right here and now, HE's MINE!
The first time I heard about John was last summer. Joy, Adam and I were walking around Philly when we happened on a memorial. The memorial was for Jonathan Netanyahu. It was located in a small courtyard to the side of a Jewish school or synagogue, perhaps it was both. I can't remember. Intrigued I asked a young guy, he was probably in his early twenties, if Jonathan Netanyahu was related to the famous Benjamin. Yes, was his response and he proceeded to tell me about how John or Yoni, died.
Naturally, I was touched by the story of heroism and self-sacrifice demonstrated by this man. Determined to learn more this is what I discovered. I wanted to share it with you because everyone who gives their lives for others is worth remembering often.
Yoni Netanyahu "was a member of the Israel Defense Forces elite Sayeret Matkal unit. He is regarded as perhaps the foremost Israeli war hero. His brother Benjamin Netanyahu was Prime Minister of Israel from 1996-1999, and currently serves as Leader of the Opposition in the Knesset.
Yoni was awarded the Medal of Distinguished Service (Hebrew:עיטור המופת) for his conduct in the Yom Kippur War. He was killed in action during Operation Entebbe at Entebbe airport, by Ugandan soldiers, where the Israeli military rescued hostages after an aircraft hijacking. He was the leader of the assault, and the only Israeli military casualty of the raid."
He has been described as a devoted and serious man, deeply dedicated to his country and the soldiers who served under his command.
"According to General Shlomo Gazit, a former Chief of Israel Military Intelligence, Yoni had a complex personality; on the one hand, he was a superb warrior and commander, brave and devoted; yet on the other hand, he was a man blessed with many other talents, with a rich and fertile imagination and an exceptionally analytical mind."
I have been meaning to share this for a long time. I have so many things to write about that are long overdue. I hope you were inspired by John's story as much as I was and that it increases your gratitude for the freedoms we enjoy.

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Sherpa said...

funny, that might have been one of the most memorable parts of the trip.

And he's hot.

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