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in getting to know me better I have decided to follow Anne and Tara's leads, at Steph's request, and post 100 facts about moi. Some of this information may be redundant but that just means you know me better than you thought you did, right?

1. When I was a little girl I had a teacher who raised bees in the classroom. They were contained and I used to watch them work together. My dad's family always said my great grandpa was a bee charmer. Since then I have always wanted to keep bees.

2. Needless to say, I love honey. I especially enjoy toasted wheat bread with peanut butter sliced bananas walnuts and honey drizzled over the top. Comfort food.

3. I have read every book written by Victoria Holt. She writes historical romances. If they were movies they would be G or PG.

4. When I was a girl I used to go to horseback riding lessons with my friend Kerry Lee Taulbee. I didn't take them but I watched her. There was a horse at the stables named Alf and I used to by him coke to drink. I loved watching that horse put the can between his lips and drink the pop like a real person.

5. When I was a baby, my parents had a two story home in Ogden, UT. I had a walker and one day as my dad was leaving for work, he had come home for lunch, I followed him down the stairs. Actually I fell down the stairs. My dad was so upset he threw the walker out into the street. We never had a walker again.

6. I used to wish upon stars all the time when I was a little girl. Once I remember wishing I were a princess.

7. I love to skinny dip especially on nights when there is lightening in the clouds.

8. When I was four I accidently drank oil, thinking it was Pepsi. Maybe that is why I prefer Coke. That and it just tastes better.

9. My mom and I used to eat Miracle Whip and Banana sandwiches.

10. I have seen every Elvis movie ever made thanks to my babysitter Marsha Matheny or PC porkchop.

11. I wish my Grandpa Kidd could have known me as an adult.

12. I painted the sealing rooms in the Salt Lake Temple. I also painted the Solemn Assembly room. It was righteous beyond belief.

13. I have always wanted to be a dancer. I used to take dance lessons as a kid but had to quit when my mom went back to school.

14. I really like older men.

15. I wish I had really long sexy legs like the women in ZZ Top's "She's Got Legs" video.

16. I have always wanted to be a Bond Girl.

17. I have always wanted to Hawaiian Barbie hair so I could walk to the mailbox without a shirt on and my hair would cover my breasts.

18. I prefer Katherine over Audrey Hepburn. I think a woman who can pull off dress pants the way she did kicks serious booty.

19. I hate hot dogs. I think its really gross to watch men eat hot dogs. Not sure why but I find it really weird and disgusting.

20. I love UK basketball. I would love to have season tickets one day.

21. I used to hate playing golf with my dad but now I cherish every word of advice he has to offer.

22. My best drives when playing golf occurs when I pretend the ball is a man I don't like.

23. I had a crush on the same guy from 6th grade to my Senior year. Brian Keith Simpson. He had blonde hair and brown eyes; a deadly combination. Now he is married and well, I have been with so much better.

24. I used to adore my mother now I fear her and that I will become like her.

25. I want children but I am afraid to have them.

26. I was chosen out of all the kids in my elementary school to play the lead role in the Christmas play "Boo Bear and the Night Before Christmas." Maybe that's why people have always called me Boo.

27. My dad gave me my middle name but he never calls me Amber Erin. Instead it is Lucy Lockett, Patient Pauline, Amber Lynn, etc.

28. A lot of people think I look like a Heather or an Amanda. I think I look like Blair from the Facts of Life.

29. My mother's stake president in GA was my patriarch in KY. My stake president in KY was his son.

30. When I was 2 1/2 I managed to get my baby brother out of his crib and carry him down the hallway like a football. My Aunt Nancy freaked but my brother stopped crying.

31. My dad bought me a Ronald McDonald doll when I was a baby. I loved that thing. My mom sold it in a garage sale. I wish I still had that doll.

32. I would love to take culinary classes in Charleston, SC even if I can't live there.

33. I would love to live in Charleston, SC.

34. I have always wanted to have a love affair with a university professor. Doesn't have to be my professor or at my university. I just want to have a relationship with a professor.

35. I love men who wear bow ties, glasses and tweed jackets with patches on the sleeves.

36. I got in a car wreck, that was my fault, on Valentine's Day. It was the worst V-Day of my life.

37. I sleep with a huge Winnie the Pooh that I bought for myself in High School. Pooh goes almost everywhere I go. When I travel Pooh wears a seatbelt.

38. I am terrified of bridges. The worst are the Bay Bridge in MD, the bridge in Charleston and Clays Ferry bridge in KY.

39. I love taking off and landing in airplanes.

40. When I was in Middle School my friend Jason Gay flashed me in home room.

41. When I was in kindergarten Jason Gay climbed a tree during his birthday party and refused to come down unless I kissed him. I never did. He came down. Now he's in jail.

42. I know Eddie Murphy's dentist. I have even dined at his home.

43. Two cartoonists for the Simpsons drew in the back of the Book of Mormon I carried on Temple Square. It is one of my most prized possessions.

44. I get a little turned on when my professor moves his hand over the handrails on a staircase. The way he caresses the rail is a good indicator, in my opinion, of how he would touch a woman. I would like to be touched like that.

45. When I was 15 my dad bought me a horse named Lucy. She was a retired pacer at the Red Mile.

46. All of the men in my family, on my dad's side, except for him and my Uncle Gary were/are coal miners.

47. My Grandma Kidd listens to a police scanner she keeps in her living room. She never turns it off, even when she goes to bed.

48. I always wanted to break my arm as a kid. I tried so hard when I was little to break it on purpose. I even made my parents take me to the ER once after I had fallen off the bed insisting it was broken.

49. I would love to live in Cuba and work at the Ernest Hemmingway house in Havanna.

50. I have a thing for men named George... George Bailey, George the sailing instructor, George Emmerson, etc.

51. I prefer Robert Kennedy in looks and policy over John anyday.

52. I love that Ellen Wilson was from Rome, GA. I was born in Rome so it makes my dream of being First Lady a little more realistic. If she can make it so can I.

53. I can quote every line of the movie Its A Wonderful Life and Goonies. I cry everytime I watch the former.

54. I am lactose intolerant and hate it.

55. Everyone in my immediate family suffers from severe gas. My brother is the worst.

56. I hate it when people lie.

57. I hate it when men play games.

58. Seat warmers in cars turn me on.

59. Foreign cars turn me on. I especially like Porshe Carrera convertibles.

60. My dad bought me a '64 Ford Falcon convertible Sprint when I was 12. When I turned 16 he bought me a Sunbird convertible because I couldn't drive the Falcon; no power steering.

61. I pray every night that my Grandma Kidd will live long enough for me to finally bring a man home to meet the family.

62. I know my dad is worried I will never marry. This bothers me because I have almost no control over the situation.

63. My dad suggested I freeze my eggs, "just in case." I am seriously considering it.

64. I shave my legs every night. When I was young Chris Lawson used to yell out the bus window, "Hey, spider legs." I will NEVER be spider legs again.

65. My mom calls me pumpkin doo-doo.

66. I wear perfume to bed just in case prince charming calls at an inappropriate hour for a little passionate necking.

67. I honestly believe I could be the next Ingrid Bergman.

68. I would love to meet Bill Clinton for several reasons but the main reason is to see if he would hit on me.

69. I believe one can know the person they are going to marry without knowing them. My grandma and Aunt Linda are living proof.

70. I love to laugh and appreciate people who can make me laugh.

71. I hate watching love scenes with my parents. My mom always teases me about it.

72. I have only been kissed the way a woman should be kissed by one man. I hope my husband kisses me that way because I don't think I could marry someone who doesn't.

73. I would love to attend kissing classes with my spouse or significant other.

74. I have National Geographic magazines dating back to the early 1900's. I LOVE National Geographic.

75. I used to have a crush on my Anthropology professor.

76. I made out with a guy after hours in the Anthropology department at BYU and got caught by the janitor.

77. My boyfriend's mom caught us making out in his dad's old bed once. She screamed, "Ben what are you doing to her." Needless to say, I was mortified.

78. I want a one carat Tiffany diamond engagement ring. If I don't get married I will buy one and wear it anyway.

79. I wish I wore glasses. Sometimes I wear fake ones just because they make me look more intelligent.

80. I love men's boxer briefs. You know the longer briefs. I don't know what it is but I love them.

81. My first kiss was the captain of the HS football team and also Mr. Best Looking; Jeremy Ballard.

82. I ran for Homecoming Queen in HS. I felt like a failure when I placed third runner-up because my Aunt Anna and cousin Regina were both Homecoming Queen of Oceana HS when they ran.

83. I wish I had more good guy friends.

84. I wish I were a linguist and could speak French, Italian, Spanish, Ukranian and Hebrew.

85. I wish I could fake accents.

86. I hope my friend Desiree makes the Mormon Tabernacle Choir when she auditions this summer.

87. I wish I had an exotic or unique look. Instead random people approach me all the time thinking I am someone they know.

88. In fifth grade a kickball hit me in the head and knocked me off my feet. My gym teacher, Mr. Tate, or tattertot, was one of my favorite people in the entire world. He called me Carebear.

89. My dad looks like Santa Claus or the Colonel of KFC fame with his straight white beard.

90. My parents eloped to Elko, NV after I was born. They were married in a courthouse.

91. I used to have fantasies about Chris O'Donnell.

92. I wanted to attend Duke University until I was 15. Desiree's family changed that.

93. Sometimes I think I am living someone else's life.

94. The president's wife of the Bank of Guam gave me a ring when I was little with the seal of Guam on it. It was a present from her husband to her but she gave it to me.

95. I want a vintage Schwinn beach bike with a basket and a bell on it.

96. My goal for 2007 is to buy a couch and make out on the old Clays Ferry bridge. Desiree said its a must.

97. I have never been on a cruise but hope to take one someday.

98. I have always wanted to Honeymoon on the Isle of Crete. My dad said its one of the most beautiful places on earth.

99. The older I become the more I believe love and marriage are miracles.

100. I love the colors red and navy.

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Stephanie said...

Reading your 100 nearly killed me. You're so damn funny! I love you, Boo.

Gwen said...

LOL. I've NEVER met anyone besides a member of my family who has eaten bananas and miracle wip. We sliced the bananas in half lengthwise, spread them with miracle whip, and ate them. My mom would put them on a bed of lettuce. Too funny! Everyone I've ever told that to thinks I'm nuts! (that and putting creamed corn in your waffle batter. Mmm.)

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