I Have a Dream

I honestly feel this speech was inspired by God. Every time I hear it I want to shout Amen.
When I was in high school I always complained I had been born at the wrong time in history. I should have been where I am now in the sixties; DC!
God be thanked for Martin Luther King and for the freedoms we enjoy under the Constitution of the United States.
My heart thrills when he mentions the "red hills of Georgia" and shouts "let freedom ring from Stone Mountain."
I lived within 5 miles of Stone Mountain until I moved to Washington.
We could hear the laser show every evening during the summer. Makes me a little homesick.
If you ever visit Atlanta there's a restaraunt the Rev used to eat at called Paschal's. I used to date a guy who drove me by there one night. He got turned off when I mentioned I had always wanted to eat there. One day I will eat at Paschal's.
MLK, Bobby, John, and countless others, thank you for living your dream.

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