It was over a year ago that I sat in a dark theatre with Steph, Rae and Gwen laughing my butt off watching Elizabethtown. Although I am a true Georgia GRIT, I was raised in Kentucky, about two hours away from E-town. My only regret in seeing the film was that my dad had not been with me. I made a goal that we would watch it together.
Over one year later my dad and I sat down and watched Elizabethtown. I laughed until I cried while my dad barely cracked a smile. No worries, he is notorious for this. Love his heart, but my dad only gets excited about two things 1) money 2) spending or saving it. Don't get me wrong, he is very supportive and I couldn't ask for a better father but he doesn't show emotion easily.
Claire is an obnoxious, attentive flight attendant who falls for Drew as they are flying from Oregon to Kentucky. Although Drew tries to blow her off, Claire persists in her attempts to flirt with him. Not only is she witty but very bold. Her heart is clearly attached to her sleeve, an easy target for rejection if not annihilation. This is not something she would do for any man; just those she felt a connection with. I can relate.
Claire is also successful in carrying out long phone conversations. For those who are familiar with the movie, Claire manages to keep Drew's attention all night long as they discuss a variety of subjects over the phone. I used to be the same way. While I was a student at BYU guys would call me and we would talk for hours. However, after they met me they never called again. I always teased, as Claire does in the movie, that perhaps it would be best if I did everything over the phone. Thank goodness my situation has improved somewhat.
Claire, in true southern fashion, is openly self conscious. She honestly admits to Drew that she is the substitute person in relationships. I often feel the same way. I have often found myself in relationships where I was the stepping stone. Men used me until they found something better or they were able to get over someone else. Being the substitute sucks.
After sleeping with Drew, Claire listens as he clumsily explains why he can't be with her. Tearfully she says, "Geez, I was hoping you were going to tell me how much you missed me." How many times have I been in a relationship with a man where I just wanted him to say I miss you or I like you and its not all about him and his problems? Too many times to count.
Although Claire and I share many similarities, there are also personality differences. For instance, I would have dropped Drew flat on his butt long before she did. I also would never lie about being with someone else if I really wasn't.
Another difference is Drew honestly tells her how he feels about her. Of course, this was before they had sex and he was probably just trying to seduce her, but his confession is still very sweet. In the end, Claire's story ends with a "happy ever after," something I have yet to experience. Perhaps its about timing, or maybe I should be more patient with the men I date. Who knows? I just couldn't help sympathizing with Claire and her struggles in understanding a man she felt a connection with.

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