Feline From Hell

Have you ever wondered what Satan's cat would look like, if he had one? Well, here you go. Chef, my brother's cat, could be Lucifer's lap cat. Please do not misunderstand. I am not implying that my brother is evil or satanic but his cat...yeah you could say she is from the netherworld.
For those old enough to remember Azreal, the Smurfs, is a saint compared to Breznef or "Big" as Lauren likes to call her.
They say the eyes are a window to the soul. Well, here is photographic evidence its true. Chef, is the meanest cat known to man; man meaning the Kidd family and those fortunate enough to visit my brother's apartment. Posed next to the lion, the cutout came from my Mom and its freaking awesome, she even makes the lion look cowardly.
The only redeeming thing about her is her devotion to Josh.
Which makes me wonder... What if she is exercising some kind of power over my brother? This could explain his obsession with vintage "Members Only" jackets, swatches, and Chuck Taylor's or his insistence on wearing his hair in a mullet while attending law school. Who knows?
Anyway, Lauren, Josh and I thought it was a cool photo and I wanted to share. Hope you enjoy.

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