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Two Saturdays ago I was sitting in Manuel's listening to The Power of Now while he worked his mojo on my hair. If he wasn't batting for the other team, I would be in love with this man. He treats me like a queen. Kisses all over my face and hugs every time I enter and exit his shop. Not to mention his biceps, chest and abs. Sooo nice.
While I was mentally digesting the idea that the mind is a machine that controls our lives, Monica walked in.
The majority of Manuel's clients are Latino. Spanish is the predominate language spoken in the salon. I have never seen another white woman or man while I have been there. I do know Leah Fagan and Heather Armstrong (?) are also clients. Leah, is actually responsible for introducing me to Manuel. God bless Leah Fagan.
As Manuel was styling my hair he began chatting with Monica. Listening to their conversation I gathered she was a mother who had just returned from a family vacation to Hawaii. She lived in Maryland and had an alter ego named Monique.
Intrigued, I asked how she met her husband and prodded for an explanation about Monique. She explained prior to meeting her husband she had dated a divorcee with a child. She was in that relationship for three years but could never commit. Refusing to wait any longer, he broke it off. She was devastated. A few months later she was attending a party and her husband walked in. Simple as that.
Monique, she explained, came out when she was in Manuel's shop. Monique was her naughty, adventurous self. "What you need," she offered, "is a Monique." I laughed and asked, "you really think so?"
By this time Manuel had finished styling my hair. He seriously made me look like a 1960's movie star. It was awesome. All I needed was a pair of fake eyelashes, stilletos and a killer cocktail dress. Seeing my hair Monica said, "You are Lolita. That is your alter ego and Lolita needs to go out tonight. Lolita needs to get a man." I made a few comments about men and how that was the last thing I needed before leaving the salon.
Since then I have been thinking, perhaps Monica is right. Maybe I do need an alter ego. Why not? I often think I am way too serious. That I expect too much out of life and of others. That I need to loosen up.
So, I officially declare 2007 the Year of Lo Lo. I have so much to look forward to this year; graduation, finding employment, possibly moving, my brother's wedding, helping my dad build his new house, etc. 2007 has already been an eventful year and January is not even over. I have started dating again, I am babysitting Isla, I have been on a road trip with my friends, and started my last semester of graduate school.
For those of you who have not caught a glimpse of Lo Lo I have included two photos as an introduction. I know what you are thinking, "She looks like Amber," but don't be fooled. Amber would NEVER wrap a wolf pelt around her and pose for photos while an interpreter was discussing the importance of repairing canoes at historic Jamestown. Amber would quietly listen, taking mental notes, refusing to touch or climb on anything in the settlement out of respect. As you can see Lo Lo has an entirely different philosophy. Lo Lo even held John, the tour guide's hand, at one point and announced to the entire group she was doing so. Amber would never do that. While on the Mary Constance, Lo Lo made naughty poses while Rae took pictures. Amber would not do that either. Its amazing the things Lo Lo will do.
Another thing about Lo Lo is I never know when she is going to assert herself. It just happens. Will you be lucky enough to witness this? Who knows? But one thing I will say is, "Let the Year of Lo Lo begin!"

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Tara said...

The wolf pelt is making me throw up a little in my mouth, but Lo Lo looks FABULOOUS!

Boo said...

I know! Amber would NEVER wrap a dead animal around her body but Lo Lo... well, let's just say there is NO telling what she will do. Its amazing. I think we all need a Lo Lo.
I will let Lo Lo know you liked the photo. :)

Stephanie said...

The Queen is dead. Long live the Queen.

Lo Lo, I'm excited to meet you. Be careful! I may like you as much as I like that Amber girl you carry around inside.

Rae said...

From one who has photographed Lo Lo....Bring it on....she is fabulous!

Jeremy said...

Lo Lo is lame! I've always known that you had multiple personalities.

Boo said...

I think Jeremy is crusin' for a bruisin'. That's what I think. BYW Jeremy nobody cares what YOU think.

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