Decisions. Decisions.

I am attending a Mardi Gras ball tomorrow evening. I have attended this ball for the past two years. The first year I wore a black halter dress accented by Birds of Paradise flowers. My hair was half-up, half-down. The second year I wore a solid navy dress with a rhinestone pendant on the bodice and ruffles on the skirt. My hair was swept up in a French Twist. This year I am wearing a Kelly green Greek-style dress. Unlike the past two years, I am having my hair done prior to the ball. Before going to my appointment tomorrow afternoon I need to decide which "do" I want to do.The first looks a little more "Greek" to me but my hair is not as long as the model's and I'm afraid the effect will not be the same should my hair fall short.

Angelina wowed Oscar crowds last year when she appeared wearing her hair swept halfway up with lose curls cascading down her back. She was absolutely stunning. I know I am NO Angelina but I'd love to see if I could pull the second "do" off.
So, I am taking a poll. I may not get any responses but I thought I'd ask, just the same. I miss getting input on little things like this from my girlfriends. In lieu of discussing it over dinner, I am posting my options here and asking my friends to comment.

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Robin Richardson said...

I do really like the first one. You know, the hairdresser might be able to create that length by using some of the hair toward the bottom to make two ponytails, hiding the lower one somehow to make it look like one long one...does that make any sense? Obviously this is why I am not a hair stylist... You have really good hair though, so I can't wait to see pictures! Wish I was going too!

The Keeffers said...

i like both styles- maybe talk to the hair dresser and let them know what you want, bring in both photos and maybe they can create something unique that works for you.

Melinda said...

My vote is for the first one. Another alternative if you want the second one is some fake hair. (My hair fell out and I started wearing fake stuff volumizers and now wear a wig. I get tons of compliments on the fake, but I would rather have real.)

Desiree' said...

Go for the Angelina style. I love that. It's gorgeous. Either way you'll look amazing. Show us pics and have fun! Love you!

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