Although it doesn't look this way now, the project I started tonight at Relief Society Craft Club should resemble the wreath in the photo above when I am finished. I'm not sure how long it will take (one of the Sisters said about two hours) but I am sure it will take me a little longer.
The wreath consists of a 10" foam ring and pages from a paperback novel of your choice. I selected pages from the third Harry Potter. Distress Ink is used to antique or distress the pages and hot glue secures the folded pages to the foam base. Sounds easy right?
Now all I need is a glue gun and some extra time.

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Kate said...

Cute project, Amber. I love the third Harry Potter.

Boo said...

Thanks Kate! Steph made a book wreath and it looks terrific. She also made one of magazine pages that's really cool too. Although its pretty easy its very time consuming. Do not believe anyone who tells you they made one in two hours or less. I invested at least six.

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