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Finding a hair stylist is never easy for me. Its one of the things I hate about moving. Once I find someone I trust, its difficult for me to let go and move on. Even after moving from Washington to Biloxi I flew back to D.C., the first year, to have my hair done every other month. Although I loved my stylist I could no longer afford him, in addition to, lodging expenses, cab fare, etc.
So, I began searching for a temporary replacement. For almost a year I went to a place in Mobile. It was fine. Great location. Friendly staff but too often I left unhappy with the results.
I decided to resume my search. Surfing the Internet, I found fantastic reviews for this place in New Orleans, Spa Isbell. One of the reviewers had even posted pictures of her hair. It was gorgeous! She said she flew from New York to New Orleans just to have her hair done by one of the stylist. Sound familiar?
Hopeful, I dialed Spa Isbell and made an appointment. I'm glad I did.
Housed in a historic building on Magazine Street (Lower Garden District) the atmosphere hearkens of cool salons in any major cities. All the stylists are women and they all have killer hair. A very good sign when searching for a new salon.
Two things I appreciate is their sensitivity to time, meaning I am in and out, instead sitting for five hours or more in a salon when I would rather be showing off my hair. Second, their prices are reasonable. Paying to have my hair done in D.C. was equivalent to a car payment. Ridiculous. Here it isn't.
The only thing I wish they would do is offer me a drink; have a cold Diet Coke on hand for me to sip while I'm waiting. The place in Mobile always had Diet Coke, which is one of the things I did like about them. Don't get me wrong. It doesn't make or break the place. Its just something I would like to see, and if they are opposed to offering Diet Coke, than bottled water would suffice. Something to make me, their client, feel more "at home."
If you find yourself looking for a great stylist on the Gulf Coast, I guarantee you will find one at Spa Isbell. Tell them I sent you.

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