The Seashell Church

Traveling west on US Highway 90 from Ocean Springs to Biloxi stands St. Michael's Catholic Church. When I arrived in Biloxi (May 2008) the church was in need of repair. Some of the glass was broken, plaster was peeling off the roof, and the angel had been removed. As you can see, the church has been restored.
Every Sunday on my way to church I enjoy seeing cars fill the parking lot, spilling over onto the access road, which the patrons use for additional parking.
I appreciate its unique design; from the seashell-shaped roofs to the funky bands of glass to the menacing angel wielding a sword; all a reflection of Biloxi's connection to the seafood industry.
Although the church took a hard hit during Hurricane Katrina I am grateful it survived the effects of the storm. Its contribution to Biloxi's physical landscape is undeniable. Like the perfect shells that adorn its roofs, the St. Michael's Catholic Church is a Gulf Coast treasure.

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